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At Concrete Contractors Detroit MI, we believe in making clean, beautiful concrete. We have been in the concrete industry for over 20 years. We are a company that offers high-quality and affordable concrete polishing services for anyone needing to restore their concrete. We offer services to residential, commercial, and industrial clients. Our services include complete removal of existing coatings, acid etching, epoxy entry systems, crack injection, etc. We offer our customers a professional experience from start to finish with the highest quality service available at any given time. No job is too large or small for us, we strive to provide our customers with the best customer service possible. We provide you with a free consultation to determine the best course of action for your needs.

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Concrete Contractors Detroit MI

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Concrete polishing is a process that improves the look and surface of the concrete. This process can be done by hand or machine, but the machine is more commonly used. The machines are able to do the job faster and better than hand. A power polisher can be used when doing this by hand, but it takes a lot longer to use it by hand than with a machine. The machines typically have different speeds that they work at, depending on what level of polish you want your concrete to have after being worked on with the machine. Some people are not sure about whether to do their own project or hire someone else for this type of work because it does not come without its risks and benefits in both cases so it’s up to preference which way you choose to go about getting this done for your project at home or business if you are looking into hiring someone else for this task in order turn out getting what you want from what was once an ugly floor into something that everyone would love to walk on. 

Benefits of concrete polishing

Concrete polishing is a new, innovative, and environmentally friendly method for restoring the concrete to its original appearance. It offers many benefits depending on the intended use of the surface. For example, concrete polishing can make a surface brighter, cleaner, and more attractive. This is because concrete polishing eliminates any stains or discoloration to produce a uniform, level, and glossy finish. It also makes it easier to clean off dirt and debris as they are not embedded into the surface but simply lie on top of it. In addition, this particular process can make surfaces more durable by preventing cracks and spalling that often occur due to pore pressure in untreated concrete. Concrete polishing can also help seal out moisture which helps prevent corrosion in metal structures as well as cracking in ceramic tiles.

Concrete Contractors Detroit MI

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When it comes to concrete polishing, we work hard with our customers to provide a budget-friendly solution that meets their specific needs. Concrete polishing typically costs between $1 – $2 per square foot based on the size of the area that needs to be polished. Concrete Polishing can be expensive and time-consuming. We at Concrete Contractors Detroit MI would like to help you find the best solution for your needs while still being budget-friendly. There are three different types of concrete polishing: wet, dry, and chemical (acid). Wet or acid is recommended for jobs involving heavy traffic or large areas with deep scratches on the surface. Dry or sandpaper is recommended for jobs involving smaller areas and light traffic where there are minimal scratches on the surface. Wet concrete polishing typically costs between $1 – $2 per square foot based on the size of the area that needs to be polished, whereas dry concrete usually costs between $0.50 – 1 per square foot depending on how much sanding is required before buffing out any skipped tiles

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Concrete Contractors Detroit MI is Detroit’s leading concrete polishing company, and we have over 20 years of experience. Our services will save you more time, money, and effort.

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We use a specialized system that makes concrete polishing an affordable option for homeowners looking to extend the life of their pavement. Our services also provide a cost-effective approach to repairing cracks and other various surface damages.

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We are a full-service concrete contractor that specializes in polishing. Whether you need a new surface or just some touch-ups, We got you covered!

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A concrete polish from us can help keep your home environmentally friendly by extending the life of your pavement without making it slippery or sticky. Plus, we make sure to recycle our materials and products at the end of every project.

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